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Aerolase Neo Elite

Experience the gold-standard solution for a range of medical and aesthetic applications with our Aerolase Neo Elite treatment. Our advanced technology offers a unique combination of high-power and short pulse duration, providing a low-risk, comfortable solution without the need for anesthetics or skin cooling. Trust us to provide the latest and safest laser treatments available on the market.

Smooth Skin
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What can AEROLASE treat?

What are the most requested Aerolase Treatments?

Skin Rejuvenation - smaller pores, pigment removal, decreased redness, and no down time​

Hair Removal - best for face, under arm, brazillian, abdomen strip, buttocks, shoulders, neck, arms

Vascular lesions such as angiomas and broken capillaries. Spider veins on the legs and trunk.

Rosacea - decrease redness, inflammation, capillaries and prevent worsening of this life long condition.

Lip Filler Injection

#NoTouchAerolase. Above the Skin. Above All Other Technologies.

A contactless treatment is built into the core essence of our laser technology and patient experience. Our community of users has always valued our #NoTouchAerolase treatment. The millions of treated patients have always raved about the levels of hygiene and comfort involved with each and every one of the 36 FDA cleared indications for all skin types and tanned skin.

Now? There’s no substitute for a #NoTouchAerolase treatment. It’s the new level of care, safety, and patient peace of mind for any aesthetic medical laser treatment. It’s the expected level of care that sets you apart from any other office using any other aesthetic device. The treatment standard has been set. It’s #NoTouchAerolase

No Skin Contact. No Skin Cooling Necessary. No Worries.

Aerolase offers two specific safety benefits when they matter most:

  1. The handpieces do not touch the skin (contactless laser therapy)

  2. Aerolase laser therapy does not require skin cooling (no cooling gels, sprays or forced air that can spread airborne pathogens)

The unique Aerolase air-cooled laser technology inherently improves air quality by filtering the air inside the laser handpiece and exposes it to high optical energy.

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